• So, let’s think about this for a minute.
  • This chart, which you often see arriving in the mail with your driver’s license renewal notification, shows how many standard-sized drinks a male or female, at different body weights, would need to drink to get to specific BAC levels.
  • This illustrates very well how alcohol affects a smaller person compared to a larger person and how it affects males versus females.
  • The most striking point it shows is that a person can become intoxicated and drive impaired after just one drink.
  • After two drinks, they can be considered legally intoxicated, and too intoxicated to legally operate a vehicle in California.
  • Now compare that to the previous screen which shows the effects different BAC levels have on a person.
  • It shows that a 180-lb male who consumes two standard-sized drinks could be experiencing impairment of his balance, speech, vision, and control.
  • In this scenario, he could be considered legally intoxicated and unable to lawfully drive in California. Three drinks would likely bring his BAC level up to legal impairment levels.